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Baked Maryland Lump Crab Cakes

Recipe by T. Kent Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Having lived by the Chesapeake Bay on Kent Island, MD nearly my whole life, I was challenged to develop this ...

Paleo Maryland Crab Cakes

Recipe by sammyc14 Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
Feel free to get creative! Add celery, jalapenos, or other ingredients. You can also use chopped shrimp in this recipe ...

Spicy Maryland Crab Dip

Recipe by Laura Superczynski Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
A delicious hot crab and cheese dip that comes straight from the heart of the Chesapeake Bay! Serve with crackers ...

Laura’s Maryland Crab Cakes

Recipe by Laura Rating
Reviews 4 reviews
It is so hard to find a true Maryland crab cake recipe out there. This is basically the recipe my ...

True Maryland Crab Cakes

Recipe by Robert Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This Crab Cake recipe is the true Crab Cake with no fillers and no heavy spices, all crab meat. This ...