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Mudslide Pie

Recipe by Marianne Williams Rating
Reviews -
The coffee ice cream itself is addicting enough in this pie, but topping with a sweet, creamy, vanilla-y, coffee/booze-scented layer, ...

Frozen Mudslide

Recipe by Margaret Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
A frozen alcoholic drink, feel free to drizzle glass with additional chocolate syrup.

Mudslide Cocktail

Recipe by Anonymous Rating
Reviews 4 reviews
The mudslide cocktail is like a milkshake on the rocks for grown-ups! Irish cream mixed with coffee liqueur and vodka ...

Mountain MaMa Mudslide

Recipe by Natalie Escue Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
Great dessert with pecan flour crust, chocolate pudding, and Cool Whip®. Garnish with some of the following: Hershey’s® Syrup, Powdered ...