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Sheet Pan Greek Salad Nachos

Recipe by NicoleMcmom Rating
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These sheet pan nachos are the perfect bites of Greek salad on a crunchy canvas. Delightfully surprising take on nachos. These will ...

Quick and Easy Air Fryer Nachos

Recipe by lutzflcat Rating
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Air-frying nachos is quick, easy, and finger-licking good. This is a basic recipe, so make it your own by using ...

Air Fryer Nachos

Recipe by lutzflcat Rating
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Nachos in the air fryer are an awesome, quick, and easy snack, that’s totally customizable. The sky’s the limit on ...

Salsa-Baked Salmon Nachos

Recipe by Chef John Rating
Reviews 7 reviews
This is one of my favorite methods for cooking salmon! Baked on a bed of onions and jalapeno peppers and ...

Beefy Lasagna Nachos

Recipe by TheOtherJuliaGulia Rating
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It tastes like what you’d expect; meaty, cheesy, crunchy. The world is your oyster with this one! The pasta chips ...

Wasabi Pork Nachos

Recipe by Jamie Rating
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Wasabi-spiked sour cream, bagged coleslaw mix, and Cheddar cheese turn leftover pulled pork and tortilla chips into dinner-worthy nachos.

Cauliflower Nachos

Recipe by LauraF Rating
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Skip the chips and use slabs of roasted cauliflower instead! I opted for these toppings because they were balanced and ...