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Nutty Cinnamon Bars

Recipe by Yoly Rating
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These bars are addicting and hard to only eat one. Made with healthier ingredients and no one will ever know.

Hot Nutty Irish Coffee

Recipe by jean Rating
Reviews 1 review
This is a great after-dinner coffee. I like to add a mixture of cinnamon and sugar to the rim before ...

Chocolate Nutty Crispy Treats

Recipe by LORIKAE Rating
Reviews 1 review
This is a unique, highly-addictive variant of the traditional ‘chocolate rice crispy treat.’ You can do this 2 ways: Mix ...

Nutty Cranberry Sauce

Recipe by DPDEXTER Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
This recipe dresses up plain cranberry sauce just a little. Use whatever nuts you like.

Nutty Pina Colada Biscotti

Recipe by Mc Coy Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
A refreshing biscotti reminiscent of the tropical drink. Great with tea or coffee! I never really measure the ingredients after ...

Nutty Strawberry Salad

Recipe by LILBUGGER71 Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This is a sweet tasting salad that is perfect for spring and summer outings.

Nutty Coconut Fish

Recipe by Missybic Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
My husband loves to fish, so we have this quite often. This is a nice change of pace, and tasty ...

Nutty Pecan Waffles

Recipe by sal Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Serve with warmed syrup and cinnamon sugar.