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Roasted Red Pepper Panini

Recipe by Country Crock® Rating
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No need for takeout when you can make our delicious Roasted Red Pepper Panini right at home. Country Crock® Spread, ...

Best BLT Chicken Panini

Recipe by lutzflcat Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
Transform an ordinary BLT into a gourmet sandwich by partnering it with a chicken panini. Use crusty bread, thinly-sliced roasted ...

Best Chicken Panini

Recipe by thedailygourmet Rating
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I have a local eatery who makes an amazing flatbread sandwich. This panini is based on their chicken pesto sandwich. ...

Bacon, Apple and Brie Panini

Recipe by Angela Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
I had a panini like this at a winery in the Napa Valley, so this is my best attempt to ...

Apple, Bacon, and Cheddar Panini

Recipe by Karen Rating
Reviews 1 review
Three slices of bread with Cheddar cheese, bacon, and sliced apples, all heated through on a panini press until browned ...

Deluxe Pizza Panini

Recipe by Raquel Teixeira Rating
Reviews 4 reviews
Paninis make a boring sandwich a gourmet meal. Pizza is a classic dish and can also sometimes become routine. A ...