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Ginger Cabbage Patch Smoothie

Recipe by Linda Rating
Reviews -
Fresh ginger root is a must in this delicious, filling, and good-for-you smoothie! You do not taste the cabbage because ...

“Dirt Pudding” Pumpkin Patch

Recipe by Strange-1 Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
I was bringing a dessert to a ‘spooky Halloween dinner,’ and wanted to make something creative. I had heard of ...

Cabbage Patch Halibut

Recipe by Chef John Rating
Reviews 7 reviews
Don’t worry; this recipe has nothing to do with those creepy dolls. This is one of easiest and most delicious ...

Pumpkin Patch “Dirt” Cake

Recipe by Allrecipes Magazine Rating
Reviews 1 review
Crushed chocolate cookies and ice cream make great ‘dirt’ for this spooky treat! This recipe was adapted from Strange-1’s original ...

Berry Patch Smoothie

Recipe by Eagle brand Rating
Reviews 4 reviews
This creamy, fruity smoothie is great for a quick breakfast or a frosty afternoon pick-me-up.

Cabbage Patch Stew

Recipe by CALEIGHSMOM Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Browned ground beef and onion, combined with ranch-style beans, cabbage and stewed tomatoes. Seasoned with cumin and garlic then slow-cooked ...

Cabbage Patch Soup

Recipe by OPSA Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
This is primarily a vegetable soup with cabbage as the main ingredient. You could substitute vegetable broth for the chicken ...