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Plain Pasta

Recipe by Anonymous Rating
Reviews 8 reviews
Real old fashioned homemade pasta. The salt, baking powder and butter are optional. Also, try substituting 1/2 cup milk or ...

Just Plain Ol’ Chili

Recipe by sammyc14 Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
This recipe omits the beans for a paleo style chili! You can follow directions on stove top or grill top. ...

Plain Caramel Apples

Recipe by Allrecipes Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
A classic caramel apple recipe perfect for Fall entertaining. Using caramel candies makes this recipe a breeze.

Homemade Plain Yogurt

Recipe by Naomi Witzke Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
For us DIY-ers, this is an easy way to make creamy, smooth yogurt at home! It tastes GREAT, and it ...

Plain Egg Less Cake

Recipe by Margaret Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
As the name suggests, this cake is made without eggs.

Vegan Homemade Plain Cream Cheese

Recipe by Fioa Rating
Reviews 1 review
Try this basic, simple, and easy cashew-based homemade plain cream cheese. Totally vegan, paleo, and dairy-free friendly, and there’s no ...

Plain Cake Doughnuts

Recipe by Jennifer Long Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
A simple cake doughnut lightly spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg. Coat with cinnamon-sugar, or a confectioners’ sugar glaze.

Plain Potato Soup

Recipe by Rosemary Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
Very basic, very simple soup. Potatoes are boiled, then mashed. Evaporated milk is blended in and some salt and white ...