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Mango Plantain Pie

Recipe by Silver Buffalo Rating
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This recipe was developed from the influences of my trips to Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa, and the Caribbean. Serve warm ...

Plantain Tarte Tatin

Recipe by Curtis Wolfe Rating
Reviews 1 review
This adds a Latin flair to any meal! You can add soda (pop for those of you from the midwest) ...

Sweet Plantain Pie

Recipe by nancyzalani Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
‘Piononos’ are a Puerto Rican dish that have sweet ripe plantains wrapped around a ground meat filling, then breaded and ...

Plantain Corn Muffins

Recipe by Pixelsicle Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
This is a recipe I came up with when I needed to use the last two over-ripe plantains in my ...

Jamaican Plantain Tarts

Recipe by Kelsey Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This authentic Jamaican recipe is really easy to make. It uses ripe plantains (which are a relative of the banana) ...

Plantain Empanadas

Recipe by Yoly Rating
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My friend made these for me one day and I thought they were absolutely delicious. This is her version of ...