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Low and Slow Prime Rib

Recipe by Chef John Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
The simplest, most fail-safe version for cooking a Prime Rib – boneless or bone-in.

Prime Rib Gravy

Recipe by Chef John Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
A magnificent, beefy gravy with a rich flavor that can be served over prime rib, or even alone with some ...

Sous Vide Prime Rib

Recipe by 28388384 Rating
Reviews -
This perfect prime rib is cooked sous vide-style before being roasted in the oven and served with mushrooms in this ...

Christmas Prime Rib

Recipe by JUDY2RIVER Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
Delicious coating on outside of roast, and perfect roasting time. Plan on 1 pound per person.

Prime Rib Horseradish Sauce

Recipe by Cara Rating
Reviews -
This horseradish sauce is the perfect side for prime rib but can also be used as a spread on burgers ...