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Spiced Purple Plum Jam

Recipe by Marisa McClellan Rating
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My mom has been making some version of this my whole life. I like it best when made with oblong ...

Purple Carrot Cake

Recipe by Buckwheat Queen Rating
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Carrot cake gets a makeover with purple carrots. This cake is light and moist, not too sweet, and has a ...

Haupia and Purple Sweet Potato Pie

Recipe by J. Simpson Rating
Reviews 1 review
Like auntie used to make when we were visiting–broke da mouth! (Very yummy and reminds me of home). This recipe ...

Purple Apple Slaw

Recipe by STARFLOWER Rating
Reviews 76 reviews
Pretty and delicious, too! The combination of the purple cabbage (a little sweeter than the green) and the apples is ...

Slow Cooker Candied Purple Yams

Recipe by Yoly Rating
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Our family loves candied yams and this year I decided to try purple yams, also known as “ube.” The bright ...