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Indonesian Ratatouille with Tempeh

Recipe by Leah Kay Rating
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This dish is also known as sayur lodeh, which is a vegetable medley that includes tempeh as the main ingredient ...

Tempeh Ratatouille

Recipe by Lauren Silver Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
I’ve always loved ratatouille and I decided to make up my own hearty version. The veggies listed can be changed/ ...

Zucchini “Ratatouille”

Recipe by Rosemary Baker Rating
Reviews 4 reviews
While not true ratatouille, my son jokingly calls it that. For those of us who planted too much, this dish ...

Ratatouille Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Recipe by Juliana Hale Rating
Reviews 1 review
Whether made fresh or leftover, roasted ratatouille-style vegetables not only lend exciting flavor to these Gouda grilled cheese sandwiches but ...

Ratatouille Provencale

Recipe by stella Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
In France, we make ratatouille all year round and serve it with white rice, or as a side dish for ...

Ratatouille Flatbread

Recipe by Juliana Hale Rating
Reviews 1 review
With pre-made pizza dough, some mozzarella, and basil, you’ve got the recipe for a fantastic vegetarian flatbread showcasing our favorite ...

Disney’s Ratatouille

Recipe by Juli Warfel Bitler Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
The beautiful ratatouille served up in the movie by the same name. Long and narrow vegetables work best. Serve over ...