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Venison Salami

Recipe by Amy Miller Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This is my grandmother’s recipe for homemade salami, you can use ground beef also if you don’t have any venison ...


Recipe by BEULAH MAE Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
Here’s a great salami recipe. You can add spices to make pepperoni too.

Chef John’s Salami Bread

Recipe by Chef John Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
What started out as a frustrating attempt to test some pizza dough, turned into what we’re calling salami bread. It ...

Chocolate Salami

Recipe by Rita Rating
Reviews 6 reviews
This no-bake chocolate salami recipe (salame de chocolate) from Brazil is very easy. It’s named salami because it looks like ...

Three Cheese Salami Frittata

Recipe by Edward Moran Rating
Reviews 1 review
This frittata was my grandfather’s signature dish and was only made during the holidays. It is cut up into 2-inch ...

Homemade Salami

Recipe by BLUIC Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
This homemade salami is good for party trays. It can be served on platter with sliced cheese and crackers, or ...

Salami Pinwheels

Recipe by Anonymous Rating
Reviews 1 review
Super quick and easy finger food with just 2 ingredients. Perfect for unannounced guests or while playing cards with friends.

Spicy Salami Spread (Nduja)

Recipe by Chef John Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
I’m not saying this spicy salami spread is as good as traditional nduja, but it does take about 3 months’ ...

Rotini and Salami Casserole

Recipe by marietta66 Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This is a great potluck dish or a main entree for dinner. It’s very heavy, so a small portion goes ...