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Scandinavian Pear Tart

Recipe by larkspur Rating
Reviews 1 review
This luscious dessert combines the flavors of almond, cinnamon, cardamom, cream cheese, and pear to create a tart that will ...

Scandinavian Sweetheart Waffles

Recipe by ScandoGirl Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Heart-shaped waffles are a traditional treat throughout Scandinavia, made crisp in Sweden and soft-textured in Norway. Topped with jam or ...

Scandinavian Almond Bread

Recipe by SS Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
This is a really good, moist cake made in a loaf pan. You can put shredded almonds in the bottom ...

Scandinavian Snowflake Cookies

Recipe by RMEG58 Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
Fried snowflake cookies, Scandinavian-type. My kids love these, especially at Christmas time.

Scandinavian Pickled Beets

Recipe by Chardonnay Queen Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
I’m told no good Dane or Swede considers a meal complete without these tangy treats. They add gorgeous color to ...

Scandinavian Almond Bars

Recipe by Marji Stark Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
These cookies are my family’s favorite cookie. They are simple to make, unique and pretty. A wonderful recipe to make ...