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Slow Cooker Sesame Chicken

Recipe by OnOnRU Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
Slow cooker sesame chicken. Serve over rice. You can also serve with cooked vegetables (broccoli would be good).

Watermelon and Sesame Seed Salad

Recipe by jane Rating
Reviews 1 review
This salad is so refreshing and tastes quite differently to what you expect. Delicious! I like to serve with chicken ...

Sesame Cookies

Recipe by krissykaka Rating
Reviews 1 review
This cookie recipe is adapted from my go-to peanut butter cookie recipe. I think I like it better sesame style ...

Black Sesame Cupcakes

Recipe by Fugendake Rating
Reviews 1 review
A delicious Japanese-inspired black sesame cake from Delicious Coma. Try it with green tea cream cheese frosting! Make sure to ...

Sesame Brittle

Recipe by Lady at the Stove Rating
Reviews -
It’s crunchy and sweet with a deep roasted nutty flavor, and makes a great edible gift.