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Grilled Chicken Shawarma Wraps with Raita

Recipe by Bibi Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
Chicken thighs grilled with shawarma seasonings are sliced and wrapped in naan, or flatbread of your choice, with a delicious ...

Shawarma Marinade for Chicken

Recipe by Bibi Rating
Reviews 1 review
Middle Eastern spices combine with olive oil and lemon juice to create a richly seasoned marinade for chicken. I love ...

Baked Chicken Shawarma

Recipe by Bibi Rating
Reviews 8 reviews
Middle Eastern foods rely on an abundance of spices and seasonings to create richly flavored food. Shawarma usually involves a ...

Chicken Shawarma Salad

Recipe by Bibi Rating
Reviews 1 review
In this recipe, chicken shawarma becomes an ingredient in a salad, instead of a main dish. We like to use ...

Easy Beef Shawarma

Recipe by Sarah Qennah Rating
Reviews 1 review
Delicious thin-cut beef strips (shawarma) with tahini sauce in a tortilla wrap.

Lebanese Chicken Shawarma

Recipe by Christopher Walters Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This is a flavorful chicken dish, which I first tasted at a little Lebanese restaurant. While normally shawarma is sliced ...

Jackfruit Shawarma

Recipe by Mean Vegan Products Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
This jackfruit chick un shawarma is the perfect filler for a gyro or wrap, pizza topping, taco, lasagna, enchilada, or ...

Lamb Shawarma

Recipe by jwagner Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
This is a wonderful Middle Eastern dish that I was introduced to by a friend of mine from Lebanon. This ...