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S’more Pie

Recipe by Erin Brocklehurst Rating
Reviews -
It seems like everything these days is about s’mores… kits to make them, s’mores brownies, ice cream, dip, etc. I ...

S’more Sandwiches

Recipe by Michelle Bomgaars Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
A friend showed us this creation on a camping trip. If you have pie makers, AKA tonka toasters, campfire irons, ...

S’more Eyeballs

Recipe by arenee83 Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
A deliciously spooky treat that is easy to make and the kids love! Get s’more eyeballs before they are gone; ...

Gooey Tortilla S’more

Recipe by carrie Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
It’s easy and fun to make all year long. Kids can make it.

PHILLY S’more Cheesecake

Recipe by Anonymous Rating
Reviews 6 reviews
Bring a little of the campfire indoors any time of the year with this stunning dessert. The creamy chocolate cheesecake, ...

S’more Ice Cream Pie

Recipe by Chef John Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
We’re turning s’mores into the perfect Father’s Day-inspired dessert. Your father will associate this pie with so many things men ...

A Peanutty S’more

Recipe by Cin Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
This twist on a classic is more gooey and more tasty. The chocolate and peanut butter melt much better between ...

S’more Brownies

Recipe by LIZALOUISE Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Delicious! I consider myself more of a gourmet cook and thought of this as a great kids recipe, because they ...