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Southwest Egg and Cheese Boats

Recipe by Jill Lightner Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
The filling only needs a couple minutes to assemble, and the result is a flavor-packed hot sandwich that works as ...

Southwest Steak Bites

Recipe by ASHLYNNS MOMMY Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Tired of the same old chicken nuggets? Give these a try! Feel free to ‘play’ with the seasonings, but this ...

Crispy Southwest Salad

Recipe by Farmland Rating
Reviews -
This layered salad in a jar is a hearty meal with cubed ham, crumbled bacon, salad greens, corn, roasted peppers, ...

Southwest Garden Stew

Recipe by jmrogersfam Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
A Southwestern stew using both beef and chicken, this stew is the solution for all those summer garden veggies that ...

Southwest Layered Salad

Recipe by Anne Z. Rating
Reviews 6 reviews
This salad is very pretty when served in a large bowl, and is bursting with lots of fresh flavors. You ...

Sizzling Southwest Burgers

Recipe by APRILNILS Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
These zesty burgers are bursting with flavor. Taco seasoning, peppers, and pepperjack cheese give ground beef a boost. Then the ...

Southwest Corn Chowder

Recipe by Syd Rating
Reviews 6 reviews
This corn chowder is made with plenty of fresh corn as well as tomatillos, hominy, and roasted red bell peppers. ...

Southwest Elk Stew

Recipe by Rating
Reviews -
This is my take on pozole. I fell in love with traditional pozole a few years ago when a friend ...