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Spiked Peach Jam with Ginger

Recipe by sanne Rating
Reviews 7 reviews
This is a great jam for peaches that are not picture-perfect but nice and ripe. The riper they are, the ...

Eggnog (Spiked with Rum)

Recipe by Donna Fair Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
I was really never a fan of eggnog… until a friend gave me this proven recipe. It’s simply the best! ...

Fennel Seed Spiked Pork Roast

Recipe by wsf Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
I have often served a fennel salad with a pork chop, and decided: let’s kick it up a notch. Thus ...

Spiked Caramel Apple Cider

Recipe by Juliana Hale Rating
Reviews 1 review
Spiced rum and caramel ice cream topping bring new life to the classic drink, making it perfect for those chilly ...

Jamaican Spiked Chicken and Rice

Recipe by IIJUAN12 Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Rum-spiked chicken in tasty sauce atop a bed of rice. Topped with banana slices. This is my favorite dish to ...

Spiked Fall Cider

Recipe by Sarah G Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Can easily be made without the spirits – nothing beats it on a cold evening, the aroma smells great while ...

Hot Spiked Cider

Recipe by debmallonee Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
A ‘spiked’ version of the traditional hot cider – great for fall or holiday gatherings. This can be made in ...