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Steel-Cut Oat Muffins

Recipe by DCREWS21 Rating
Reviews 1 review
I’ve had this muffin recipe for a while so I cannot remember how I got it, but it is good! ...

Creamy Slow Cooker Steel-Cut Oats

Recipe by russellbknox Rating
Reviews 6 reviews
Wake up to a delicious and filling breakfast of creamy steel-cut oats, cooked in the slow cooker with cinnamon, brown ...

Slow Cooker Steel-Cut Oats

Recipe by JLC Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
Delicious slow cooker steel-cut oatmeal dish that is hot and ready in the morning! Garnish with chopped nuts, raisins, maple ...

Banana Foster Steel-Cut Oats

Recipe by mamabear Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
The subtle sweetness of the bananas and the earthy cinnamon add depth to ordinary oatmeal. Perfect for an autumn morning!

Make-Ahead Steel-Cut Oats

Recipe by Tracey D Rating
Reviews 1 review
Because steel-cut oats take so long to cook, I came up with this recipe to make ahead and refrigerate overnight ...

Slow Cooker Coconut Steel-Cut Oats

Recipe by JW Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
This oatmeal combines steel-cut oats with coconut cream, coconut flakes, almonds, and pears; slow cooked to a super creamy deliciousness ...