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Crab Rangoon Mozzarella Sticks

Recipe by Sammy Mila Rating
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Mozzarella sticks meet crab rangoons! What’s not to love? Serve with sweet chili sauce and garnish with sliced green onions.

Air Fryer Fish Sticks

Recipe by Soup Loving Nicole Rating
Reviews 8 reviews
Homemade fish sticks that are perfectly crisp on the outside, tender and flaky on the inside. This was my first ...

Air Fryer Donut Sticks

Recipe by Allrecipes Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
Turn a sheet of crescent dough into homemade cinnamon and sugar doughnut sticks, cooked in the air fryer, and served ...

Perfect Sourdough Bread Sticks

Recipe by Devils Cook Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
These sourdough bread sticks can be made to fit any meal by topping them with different spices. They make a ...

Super Fluffy Bread Sticks

Recipe by luckoftheIrish Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
Just as good if not better than the Olive Garden’s®! We absolutely love these! Fun to make and eat!

Surullitos de Maiz (Cornmeal Sticks)

Recipe by CFUCHSLAO Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Fried corn sticks are a common appetizer here in Puerto Rico. Although time consuming, it is well worth the effort. ...

Cinnamon French Toast Sticks

Recipe by Charlie Rating
Reviews 1 review
I love my French toast sticks sugary and easy to make. This recipe is easy and quick, and it serves ...