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Sunrise Sausage Frittata

Recipe by JimmyDean Rating
Reviews -
If you think of a frittata as something that can only be served at brunchtime or on weekends, think again. ...

Pineapple Sunrise

Recipe by France C Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
A refreshing way to get your day started with only 3 ingredients but packed full of vitamins! Perfect for those ...

Tequila Sunrise Cocktail

Recipe by Allrecipes Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
The two-toned, sunrise-like appearance of this cocktail makes it as welcome on a cool day as it is on a ...

Tequila Sunrise

Recipe by squawk93 Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This pretty drink with layers of orange juice and grenadine is delicious on a hot day. The fact that the ...

Sunrise Salad

Recipe by TANAQUIL Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
Growing up, this was the favorite Jello salad in my family. It looks very pretty in a crystal or glass ...

Southern Sunrise

Recipe by Nicole Jones Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
I made this for New Year’s Eve and it was so good. I couldn’t even taste the alcohol in it.

Sunrise Pizza

Recipe by Michelle Bica Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
A great morning treat on Saturday after sleeping in!