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Semla (Swedish Fat Tuesday Buns)

Recipe by Chef John Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
Semla are cardamom-scented sweet buns filled with almond paste and topped with whipped cream, a favorite for Fat Tuesday.
Flavored with a creamy vanilla pastry cream, bright raspberries, and an almondy marzipan, this beautiful layered sponge cake is not ...

Impossible™ Swedish Meatballs

Recipe by Rebekah Rose Hills Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Delicious creamy sauce over tender and flavorful meatballs makes for a comforting family classic meal any time–and with Impossible™ Burger ...

Swedish St. Lucia Buns

Recipe by katrinkajo Rating
Reviews -
Growing up with a Swedish mom, we had these St. Lucia buns every December 13th.