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Shredded Beef Tostadas

Recipe by Bibi Rating
Reviews 1 review
Tostadas are delicious stacks of toppings on crispy, flat, corn tortillas. Spread a layer of refried beans, then a layer ...

Crispy Oven Beef-and-Bean Tostadas

Recipe by Lela Rating
Reviews 4 reviews
A healthier way to make tostadas and better tasting. The simple secret to making crispy tostadas is baking the corn ...

Twisted Chicken Salad with Tostadas

Recipe by LISATEACHER Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
This easy chicken salad includes diced jalapenos, which make it spicy and delicious. You can eat it with crackers, but ...

Black Bean Tostadas

Recipe by Nellie Fiorenzi Rating
Reviews 1 review
I made up this recipe trying to duplicate the black bean tostadas at my favorite Mexican restaurant! They taste great ...

Chicken Tostadas

Recipe by Sonia S. Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
Chicken and veggie tostadas are baked in oven.

Crispy Ground Turkey Tostadas

Recipe by Culinary Envy Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
These fresh, delicious crispy ground turkey tostadas are made with lots of taco spices, sassy poblano, and tasty pickled red ...

Authentic Mexican Tostadas

Recipe by GemElah Rating
Reviews -
Corn tostadas are filled with beans, sour cream, shredded beef, lettuce, queso cotija, homemade salsa, and marinated onions. This recipe ...