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Sausage Spanakopita Triangles

Recipe by Wanderzest Rating
Reviews 1 review
These Jimmy Dean® sausage spanakopita triangles are a fun and unique twist on the traditional Mediterranean appetizer. Filled with savory ...

Luscious Lemon Triangles

Recipe by Lori Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
A traditional lemon bar with zest! The addition of lemon zest in both the crust and filling makes this dessert ...

Pear and Blue Cheese Pastry Triangles

Recipe by Scarlett Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
To die for delicious. Fairly quick appetizer and guests can’t get enough. The perfect balance of sweet and savory. Easy ...

Baked Pita Triangles

Recipe by Pam Anderson Rating
Reviews 8 reviews
Pita wedges are great for an array of dips and spreads, and can be baked and stored in an airtight ...