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This crème brûlée couldn’t be easier especially with just four ingredients! This is not made the traditional method, but still ...

Blueberry and Vanilla Custard Tart

Recipe by Kim Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
This tart may take a bit of time to assemble, but it’s worth the effort! With a rich vanilla custard ...

Ricotta Pound Cake with Vanilla Bean

Recipe by Kim Rating
Reviews 1 review
A delicious and rich pound cake flavored with ricotta and real vanilla. If you don’t have a vanilla bean, feel ...

Mini Vanilla Cupcakes

Recipe by Yoly Rating
Reviews -
Everything vanilla in these bite-sized cupcakes. So cute and tasty.

Vanilla Cupcakes from Scratch

Recipe by Janine S. Rating
Reviews 4 reviews
A quick and easy recipe for cupcakes from scratch! Frost as desired after cupcakes have cooled.

Vanilla Cupcakes

Recipe by Betty Baker Rating
Reviews 1 review
Cupcakes are all the rage these days. A friend gave me this absolutely scrumptious recipe. These vanilla cupcakes are so ...