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Watermelon Vodka Martini

Recipe by CookingWithShelia Rating
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If you like watermelon you’re going to love this refreshing martini made with fresh watermelon juice, watermelon-infused simple syrup, your ...

Gnocchi alla Vodka

Recipe by Brian Genest Rating
Reviews 1 review
Homemade, soft, pillowy potato pasta topped with a rich, creamy vodka sauce.

Instant Pot® Penne alla Vodka

Recipe by NicoleMcmom Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This is the perfect comfort food on a busy night! The whole thing comes together in one pot in about ...

Vodka Paralyzer

Recipe by lobsteriffic Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
I have been told that my vodka paralyzers are the best. These are especially yummy topped with a maraschino cherry, ...

Vodka Lemonade with Mint

Recipe by thisgurlluvs2cook Rating
Reviews 1 review
This is a cool and refreshing adult vodka lemonade drink for summertime, or any time! Garnish with mint sprigs.

Cake Vodka Balls

Recipe by leaf Rating
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Candy recipe make with UV® cake vodka. Another option is to mix some cocoa powder with the confectioners’ sugar and ...