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Toasted Walnuts

Recipe by California Walnuts Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
Toasted walnuts make a great snack; here how to toast walnuts to a perfect, fragrant nuttiness. Scale the recipe for ...

Brandied Candied Walnuts

Recipe by California Walnuts Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
These sweet candied walnuts with a hint of orange zest are wonderful as a snack or appetizer. Try them as ...

Cranberry-Orange Scones with Walnuts

Recipe by Jeannette Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
The cranberry, orange, and walnut combination is perfect for Christmas morning. These scones can be made ahead but should be ...

Cranberry Sauce with Walnuts

Recipe by Marian Rating
Reviews 1 review
Love this fresh cranberry sauce for the holidays instead of canned cranberry sauce. People who typically do not like cranberry ...

Salad Dressing with Walnuts

Recipe by Anonymous Rating
Reviews -
A wonderful dressing for fall. I add walnut oil to the dressing and sprinkle a handful of ground walnuts on ...