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Wedding Sangria

Recipe by mam62505 Rating
Reviews 8 reviews
People won’t believe it when you tell them what is in this simple sangria. We served it at our wedding ...

White Almond Wedding Cake

Recipe by CUPYCAKESMURF Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
A secret ingredient of sour cream makes this cake so moist, dense, and delicious! I use this recipe for my ...

Swedish Wedding Cakes

Recipe by Marcy McClure Mock Rating
Reviews 4 reviews
This is a delicious treat that I prepare every Christmas to include in my candy assortments that I give as ...

Golden Wedding Punch

Recipe by SMATTERCHU Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This is a wonderful, refreshing drink that can be used for receptions, parties or even holiday get-togethers. This is decidedly ...

Wedding Soup Lasagna

Recipe by Dsom216 Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
Italian wedding soup combined with lasagna…weird concept I know, but very delicious!