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Carob Ice Cream – The Winning Try

Recipe by Michelle Rating
Reviews 1 review
Carob-coconut ice cream is about the closest to a Wendy’s® Frosty that I’ve been able to get. Serve immediately as ...

Pat’s Award Winning Carrot Cake

Recipe by Patty Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
You will enjoy this delicious and moist cake made with carrot baby food. I’m very proud to share this recipe ...

Prize Winning Chili

Recipe by Howard Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
I won a chili cook-off with this recipe in Tennessee in 1996. My family and friends all love this chili. ...

Award Winning Chicken Chili

Recipe by ASweetGemini Rating
Reviews 4 reviews
I make this recipe for football Sunday afternoons. It is highly requested at all family events. Always gets first place ...

Award Winning Chili Con Carne

Recipe by CHEFJIMMY Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This chili recipe is many years in the making and I have won several awards with it. I think you’ll ...

Award Winning Chili

Recipe by Jennifer Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This delicious chili took 2nd place at our local chili cook-off! Bet you can’t eat just one bowl. If it ...

Mom’s Prize Winning Raw Apple Cake

Recipe by Andrea Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
We laugh about the title, Mom got the recipe the day before the contest from a dear friend. There were ...

Kathy’s Award Winning Barbeque Sauce

Recipe by Kathy Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This is a thick and spicy barbeque chicken recipe that has won several cooking contests. The sauce consists of molasses, ...