Published Mar 21st
A Hearty Green Bean and Sausage Casserole
Prep 15m Cook 40m Additional - Ready In 55m
Servings 8 servings Calories 419.5

A hearty variation on the traditional green bean casserole that can be used as a main dish or a side.

Recipe Ingredients

  • 1 (16 ounce) package pork sausage
  • 2 (10.75 ounce) cans condensed cream of mushroom soup
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • ground black pepper to taste
  • 2 (16 ounce) packages frozen cut green beans
  • 1 (2.8 ounce) can French-fried onions

Cooking Directions

  1. 1 Crumble the pork sausage into a large skillet over medium-high heat. Cook and stir until evenly browned. Drain grease, and set aside.
  2. 2 Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Coat a 9x13 inch baking dish with nonstick cooking spray.
  3. 3 In a large bowl, stir together the cream of mushroom soup, milk, soy sauce, garlic, and pepper. Mix in the sausage, then add the green beans, and stir until evenly coated. Pour half of the mixture into the prepared baking dish. Top with half of the fried onions. Spread remaining green bean mixture over the onions.
  4. 4 Bake for 30 minutes in the preheated oven. Remove from the oven, and sprinkle the rest of the fried onions over the top. Return to the oven for 5 to 10 more minutes, or until the onions are toasty, and green beans are cooked to your desired doneness. Let rest 5 minutes before serving.

Nutrition Facts

  • Calories 419.5
  • Carbohydrate 19 g
  • Cholesterol 41.1 mg
  • Fat 33 g
  • Fiber 3 g
  • Protein 10.5 g
  • Saturated Fat 11.1 g
  • Sodium 1081.7 mg
  • Sugar 5.5 g


  1. I tried this for Christmas dinner as a twist on the original. My meat-loving dad thought it was great but I think most of us preferred the meatless original. I added pimentos to give it some Christmas color. We all liked the onions layered inside as well as on top. It's a great change of - Read more ...
  2. I was looking for a new green bean casserole and I have found it.
  3. This has great variation possibilities. Sausage could be replaced with cooked chicken. I served mine with cornbread muffins.
  4. Served this at a Christmas dinner for 23 people. It was declared a winner by everyone.The sausage brought looks of surprise by many but all thought it added to the flavor. I used canned beans and added an extra can. I also added slivered almonds to the beans for some extra crunch.
  5. I accendentally picked up the wrong condensed soups at the store so I made this with one can of condensed cream of celery and one of condensed cream of chicken. I added in some sliced mushrooms to make up for that fact. It was incredible though. VERY hearty and relatively healthy.
  6. This is a thanksgiving tradition now. I am known for my sausage and green bean casserole during the holidays! Thanks for this recipe I changed it only by adding one more can of green beans. I have also halved this recipe for a side for dinner.
  7. This was delicious but still quite salty even the way that I made it. In lieu of 3 of the ingredients I subbed Wampler's bulk turkey sausage Healthy Request Cream of Mushroom soup and light soy sauce. I did use regular French's French fried onions though. For these 4 ingredients the sodium content per portion - Read more ...
  8. This was excellent! I made it for a dinner party and it was a big hit. Even the leftovers were tasty! I added a package of fresh mushrooms while cooking the sausage. The garlic and soy sauce give it wonderful flavor! The best I've ever tasted thanks!!
  9. I did not like this at all. I did not use any salt but thoought it too salty. Some of my guests liked it but I would not make it again. It was easy to make. That is the only good thing I can say about it.