Amazing Ginger Snaps Review

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  • Audrey McCrone's rating
  • Reviewed on Dec 11th 2013

Rather decent recipe, so thank you for sharing it! I was looking for something to make for this year's cookie exchange, and this fits the bill nicely. I decided to try it out today, and will be making 12 dozen of these two weeks from now, after all. My toddler is fully enjoying this cookie with a small glass of milk. Having just made the cookies today, I find the crunchy edges and inner chewiness delightfully seasonal and a nice change from other run-of-the-mill cookie exchange fare. I wonder if any will last until tomorrow to see if the texture or taste improves from what impressed me today.The only thing I did different from the recipe was to use vegetable oil. Oh, I also lightly sprayed the pans and only halfway rolled the cookies in sugar, trying to prevent any from sticking to the pan, in case that was going to happen otherwise.