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Published Jun 7th
Basic Margarita
Prep 3m Cook - Additional 2m Ready In 5m
Servings 4 servings Calories 430.8

This is a basic margarita recipe. You can add your favorite fresh fruits to flavor it. Fresh strawberry or mango are good choices. For a little something different, try granulated sugar rims on the glasses instead of margarita salt.

Recipe Ingredients

  • 5 fluid ounces tequila
  • 3 fluid ounces triple sec
  • 2 (6 ounce) cans frozen limeade concentrate
  • 4 cups ice cubes
  • coarse salt

Cooking Directions

  1. 1 Salt the rims of 2 large margarita glasses. To do so, pour salt onto a small plate, moisten the rims of the glasses on a damp towel and press them into the salt.
  2. 2 In a blender combine tequila, triple sec and limeade concentrate. Fill blender with ice cubes. Blend until smooth. Pour into glasses, garnish with slice of lime and serve.

Nutrition Facts

  • Calories 430.8
  • Carbohydrate 77.9 g
  • Fat 0.1 g
  • Sodium 8.3 mg
  • Sugar 74.4 g


  1. This basic recipe is great! I have a commercial blender so I increased the tequila to 1 cup & the triple sec to about 1/3cup. I also reduced the limeade a bit so that 2 12oz cans made 3 batches. I used fresh cut limes to wet the rim of the glasses before salting and - Read more ...
  2. This recipe has potential but the ratios are really messed up. Twelve ounces of limeade concentrate is way too much. It was so tart! I tried to add some corn syrup to correct it and ended up using about a cup of it but it was still so sour that it was undrinkable. I choked - Read more ...
  3. Everyone at the party loved it!! I've even been asked for the recipe numerous times and have been told to laminate it! Now everytime I go to the store I pick up a couple cans of limeades for those guest who happen to stop by and question if we are making margaritas again tonight.
  4. Absolutely incredible margaritas - especially if you like them on the tart side!! Also tastes great with fresh fruits such as strawberries and peaches!!
  5. Basic margarita is right. Probably got this off a bottle of Cuervo. Good for those that have no idea what a margarita should taste like.