Recipe By elsaw
Published Jul 21st
Prep 10m Cook 5m Additional - Ready In 15m
Servings 1 hot dog Calories 376.6

The Chicago Dog is a Windy City classic, and a big favorite with sports fans! The frank must be all-beef, the bun must be poppyseed, the ingredients must be piled onto the bun in the order specified. And whatever you do, don’t spoil the splendor with ketchup!

Recipe Ingredients

  • 1 all-beef hot dog
  • 1 poppyseed hot dog bun
  • 1 tablespoon yellow mustard
  • 1 tablespoon sweet green pickle relish
  • 1 tablespoon chopped onion
  • 4 tomato wedges
  • 1 dill pickle spear
  • 2 sport peppers
  • 1 dash celery salt

Cooking Directions

  1. 1 Bring a pot of water to a boil. Reduce heat to low, place hot dog in water, and cook 5 minutes or until done. Remove hot dog and set aside. Carefully place a steamer basket into the pot and steam the hot dog bun 2 minutes or until warm.
  2. 2 Place hot dog in the steamed bun. Pile on the toppings in this order: yellow mustard, sweet green pickle relish, onion, tomato wedges, pickle spear, sport peppers, and celery salt. The tomatoes should be nestled between the hot dog and the top of the bun. Place the pickle between the hot dog and the bottom of the bun. Don't even think about ketchup!

Nutrition Facts

  • Calories 376.6
  • Carbohydrate 38 g
  • Cholesterol 30.2 mg
  • Fat 19.7 g
  • Fiber 3.3 g
  • Protein 12.4 g
  • Saturated Fat 7.2 g
  • Sodium 2386.7 mg
  • Sugar 14.7 g


  1. This "recipe" doesn't cut new ground but if you're not in Chicago this is nice to have as a guideline for the required ingredients to assemble a Chicago Hot Dog properly at home.
  2. I visited my sister in Chicago last year and was soo excited to taste the famous Chicago hot dog..And I gotta say I wasn't very impressed...Kinda a let down for me...I couldn't really taste the hot dog with all the toppings on it.
  3. Chicago Dogs are a childhood favorite of mine since my family owned a restaurant that specialized in Vienna Beef Hot Dogs. They aren't a Chicago Dog without the celery salt and pepperocini peppers have the perfect flavor to top the dogs. Of course they really aren't a hot dog but a GOURMET hot dog...Enjoy!
  4. Ahhhh sweet home Chicago; one of the reasons I love this city. This is the ONLY way to eat a hot dog around here. And do not, do NOT ask for ketchup, ever! For those of you having trouble finding sport peppers, they're sold by other jarred pickle/pepper products. They range from a light to - Read more ...
  5. Not being a pickle or pepper fanatic I like mine with cucumber wedges instead of the pickles and peppers. For the record I got a dog this way from a pushcart in Chicago.
  6. This was the best hot dog ive ever had in my entire life. I grilled the dogs baked the buns and used pepponcini peppers instead of the sports peppers. omg!!!!yummy!!!! i will always use this recipe when preparing hotdogs! thank you for the recipe!
  7. I live in Chicago & eat Chicago dogs all the time. Don't worry about not finding the sport peppers if you are in a different area, I think most people pick them off anyways cause they are spicy. Also, most hot dog stands here use Vienna hot dogs that should be in stores. They have - Read more ...
  8. Born and raised in the shadows of Wrigley Field many decades ago, I can tell this is the correct and appropriate Chicago-style hot dog recipe. A couple of notes: when you are in the city and ordering a "dog", when they ask "what would you like on that?", it is appropriate to say "hey, drag - Read more ...
  9. I hate hotdogs. Except for my beloved Gold Coast Dogs in Chicago. I lived there for years and had them for lunch often. Then we moved to Michigan. No more Gold Coast Dogs. So I searched and found this recipe. 100% perfect!! Just be sure to use an all beef Kosher type dog rather than - Read more ...
  10. These made our Super Bowl party complete! My husband is a Bears fan so I wanted to have Chicago dogs for him and his friends and they were a huge hit!! No one has ever heard of "sport peppers" in my area but after some research I found that Poblano peppers are pretty close so - Read more ...