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  1. A great recipe. I think they’re better the next day especially if wrapped tightly. I wanted a little less chocolate, so I substituted a package of Heath Bar Toffee Bits in the dough and then just put the chocolate bits on top. The dough was very thick and needed to be pressed into the pan - Read more ...
  2. Holy cow! These are truly decadent. Very rich and flavorful. Cut into small bars, you can't eat many at a time. Pour yourself a cold glass of milk arms indulge.
  3. It turned out too fudgy for me. Too much chocolate, and not enough cookie. I may try it again with just a few chocolate chips.
  4. These were so easy and decadent is definitely the right word. They stay soft and chewy. I'll be making these again and again.
  5. Made as written, deserving of 5 stars. A bit sweet but very good! Just eat a smaller piece!
  6. Absolutely wonderful! I recently broke my glass 13x9 pan so I put them in 2 9-inch round cake pans. Shortened baking time by a few minutes. Everything else exactly per recipe. They are fabulous! Thank you for sharing this recipe Linda!
  7. Saw this recipe and figured it would be an easy way to make chocolate chip cookies. And it was. What I didnt expect was how wonderful these were... with the extra melty chocolate layer on top.. wow.. BIG difference. Love them