Grandma’s Date-Nut Bread Review

Absolutely delicious! I'm feeling a bit of nostalgia, as I eat my third piece of this bread. It's just like my Mom used to make. I should mention that I did not use the prunes, as I had exactly 1 cup of chopped dates left in a bag and about 6 whole dates, that I just chopped up and subbed for the prunes. My teenage daughter arrived from school and asked "what's in this bread? Are those chocolate chips?" ... (Me) "No, those are dates" . . . (Her) "why do you always put weird stuff in there, you know I don't like that stuff?" . . . (she takes a piece anyway). Five minutes later she takes another piece . . . (Me) "I thought you didn't like that weird stuff in there?" . . . (Her) "I don't!" (takes another piece). Enough said, it's delicious whether she will admit it or not.