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  1. a fat siamese cat was sitting in the kitchen while i used half butter and veggie oil. i was mixing the mixture while the cast iron pan heated up when thunder struck very close by. i'm pouring lemon pepper in the plastic bag to shake my catfish strips up and the cat fleabag attacks. i - Read more ...
  2. This fish had a great coating. I used butter to fry and it turned out great. I would probably add more Lemon Pepper tho if that is the flavor you are looking for. 1 TBS does not give it much lemon pepper taste.
  3. Okay, tasty catfish, but, heavens, I can't see the need for *4* eggs. One was plenty for the 2lbs of catfish nuggets I used. And had leftover breading as well. I would decrease the breading and probably up the cornmeal ratio also. Used a mixture of butter and oil for frying. Fried up nice and - Read more ...
  4. Good---made a few days ago with SCI hushpuppies. I used oil instead of margarine to fry and I used less flour and more cornmeal some Italian style bread crumbs. Very close to my fried catfish recipe.
  5. i liked this recipe. it came out very flaky which i liked. i added salt also and more lemon pepper. my family loved it!
  6. This is very easy and it's a wonderful way to prepare catfish. I suggest adding salt to the cornmeal mixture.
  7. I followed the directions and somehow the fish still ended up burning on the sides as I flipped it. I think the recipe called for too much margerine.
  8. Broiled instead of frying in margarine and it was terrific! Use fairly thick fillets and broil about 6-8 inches from element. Remove when golden brown& check for flakiness. Great recipe!
  9. This was sooo good flakey and moist! Very simple. I can only imagine that the person who burned it had the temp up way too high as I had if anything too much margarine. I can give one note I bought "pre marinated" lemon pepp. catfish from the local Raleys (always very fresh there). I - Read more ...