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  1. We make a similar casserole for holidays but without the cheese. Love that you can make it ahead and freeze it. Decided to try your version and it's delicious! Love the additions of the cheeses and the scallions. Don't know what another reviewer thinks is fussy about this!! It's easy. Trust me. And try it. - Read more ...
  2. That must be a typo "keep in fridge for 3 up to three WEEKS??? na
  3. I do not think that the cook in the Cook's Notes meant to say that this recipe could stay in the fridge for three weeks.
  4. This is my go to mashed potato recipe! I can make it days ahead of my event. To make it even easier I cook the potatoes in my instant pot! I also sometimes use new potatoes and keep the skin on. I keep the scallions on the side for those that don't prefer it. It - Read more ...
  5. Made as written and this was pretty good but there are a lot more recipes out there with equal results and a lot less fuss.