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  1. It was very mild flavored or as some in my family said--bland. I even doubled the garlic. It was nice as a change of pace but I really didn't notice a major "wow" as opposed to using plain white rice. I would quadruple the garlic--the pimentos added color but no flavor. I would also wager - Read more ...
  2. This is a base to be built on. I added two buillion cubes and fresh pimento for some more flavor. I will make this again with the small changes
  3. great recipe first i browned my rice used 1 cup. added 1/4 of an onion sauteed a bit added chopped cilantro and 1/2 a can of tomato sauce or you can use 2 sliced tomatos added 2 cups of water and seasoned it with a dash of garlic powder and 1/2 a cube of chicken - Read more ...
  4. Good basic recipe. Of course I tweaked mine a bit. Browned the dry rice a bit in some olive oil and butter, set that aside then sauted the garlic and onion and I added some green bell pepper as well. mixed the rice in w/ the veggies then added 2 c chicken broth. 1 small - Read more ...
  5. Thie rice did not taste like spanish rice at all. It was so bland that I had to add cilantro and hot sauce! I would not recommend this recipe.
  6. There was not as much flavor as I expected and it was kind of bland. I think it would be great with some extra spices added.
  7. Good just not as much flavor as I expected. Would be excellent with a spicy main dish.