Red Velvet Cake V Review

  • Review By Connie
  • Connie's rating
  • Reviewed on Jul 21st 2008

This is the Red Velvet cake recipe I grew up on. It is a dense, moist pound cake and the only way to make Red Velvet cake! The other (cake like)Red Velvet recipes here can't hold a candle to this one. This IS a true Red Velvet Cake. The title should say pound cake though.I think the people that have complained or not liked this particular recipe are looking for the cake like type with icing between the layers. The kind like you buy in the grocery store. To me that's not REAL Red Velvet cake though. This is like my grandma and mom always made and will always be a family favorite! If you are looking for a great moist Red Velvet pound cake, this one won't disappoint you.If you like the grocery store version...there have them in the bakery section.