Roasted Turkey Legs Review

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  • Reviewed on Sep 27th 2012

Use a variation of this recipe, time and time again. I usually have to refer to this for the baking temperature. I foil-line a cookie sheet and rinse the turkey legs off and pat dry. I melt a little butter in a bowl in the microwave and brush it all over the legs and swipe some on the foil to prevent sticking. I then salt the legs, sprinkle thyme, then pepper them lightly, flip to the other side and repeat, reapplying the butter if it looks like it needs it. We prefer thyme on our turkey as opposed to other herbs like rosemary, as it can overpower the taste sometimes and we usually like something a little basic, but with flavor. Generally, this finishes before the 2 hour mark in the oven and I always make my special mashed potatoes with it. I remove the legs from the pan and scrape the drippings off the foil and put them into a pan, add about 1/2 cup (i don't measure) of milk and heat until the drippings blend well with the milk, THEN I add about a tablespoon of flour and simmer until blended and desired thickness (usually a minute or 2). Turkey drippings make THE best gravy, no seasonings needed, it's already there. Serve with another side like green beans or whatever I have on hand. AWESOME. Simple & fool-proof.