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Sheet Pan Fried Rice

Recipe by NicoleMcmom Rating
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Our restaurant favorite with crisp-tender veggie bites among salty fried rice, drizzled with a creamy Sriracha mayo. By cooking this ...

Shrimp Tacodillas

Recipe by Yoly Rating
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These shrimp tacos are a cross between a taco and a quesadilla. They are crispy on the outside with a ...

White Chocolate and Walnut Pumpkin Bars

Recipe by Kim Rating
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An easy-to-make pumpkin bar that has a dense, cake-like texture. It can be assembled relatively quickly, and tastes great with ...

Air Fryer Mediterranean Cauliflower

Recipe by France C Rating
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This simple roasted cauliflower, inspired by Mediterranean flavors, is packed with flavor and cooked to perfection in your air fryer. ...

Mama Rose’s Apple Dumplings

Recipe by Jessica Furniss Rating
Reviews 1 review
Flaky biscuit dough is wrapped around crisp apples and topped with a rich butter sauce to create delicious cinnamon-spiced apple ...

Spicy Salmon Bowls over Brown Rice

Recipe by Bibi Rating
Reviews -
This recipe is a delicious way to get some healthy foods in your family’s diet. Salmon, brown rice, fresh crunchy ...

Bacon-Caramel Popcorn Balls

Recipe by Chef John Rating
Reviews 1 review
Have you ever been eating caramel popcorn and thought “This is good, but I wish it had pieces of bacon ...