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Spring Greens Borscht

Recipe by crainny Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This highly-unusual spring or summer soup was called ‘green borscht’ in my family. It’s served chilled and is very pleasant ...

Ukrainian Red Borscht Soup

Recipe by Patti Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
My friend’s mother from Ukraine taught me this recipe for the classic beet soup. It’s as authentic as it gets. ...

Borscht II

Recipe by Marge Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This takes some time, but is well worth the effort. I use a food processor. It is a hearty soup, ...

Vegan Borscht

Recipe by vivid930 Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
A vegan version of a traditional Russian/Ukranian soup.

Slow Cooker Borscht

Recipe by DAVISAM1 Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
The best thing about this borscht (other than its delicious flavor) is that it can cook all day long in ...

Helga’s Russian Borscht

Recipe by KIKI810 Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
We have a neighbor named Helga whose parents are from Russia. One day my husband and I were invited to ...

Vibrant Vegetarian Purple Borscht

Recipe by Anin Rating
Reviews 8 reviews
While many traditional borscht recipes come out a muted red, this recipe produces a bright purple soup that is delicious, ...

Instant Pot® Vegan Borscht

Recipe by MrNyamNyamkin Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
My version of traditional Eastern European beet root soup, made without animal products and to be cooked in an Instant ...

Polish Borscht

Recipe by Anonymous Rating
Reviews 4 reviews
This delicious vegetarian borscht is made with beets and dried mushrooms and is a traditional dish in Poland on Christmas ...