Spiced D’Anjou Pear Bread

1h 30m
More like cake than bread, this 'plummy' creation is moist and delicious. The pears and spices comb ...
  • Recipe By ARVILLALAR

Overnight Cinnamon Rolls II

Easy to make but wonderful and very sweet to wake up to! You make it the night before and bake it i ...
  • Recipe By John T. Jurkiewicz

Beer Rolls

5h 50m
A delicious dinner roll that is made from beer, honey, and a slight pinch of cinnamon. Excellent wi ...
  • Recipe By ELLENMARIE

Pumpkin Swirl Bread

1h 35m
This is for a pumpkin quick bread that has cream cheese in the middle. I generally double it, and t ...
  • Recipe By CJ

Ginger Pear Muffins

Pieces of juicy pear inside and a crispy oat bran mixture on top make this tender muffin recipe good ...
  • Recipe By Kim's Cooking Now

Chocolate-Cherry Scones

1h 15m
These scones are made with Amarena cherries, which refers to a variety of dark wild cherry from the ...
  • Recipe By Tsuzuku

Green Onion Pancake

1h 6m
This is the first I write a recipe. I made it as detailed as possible so it seems a bit long, enjoy! ...
  • Recipe By Amy Posont

Pumpkin Nut Muffins

Delicious for breakfast, these muffins are also good with lunch or your afternoon coffee break. ...