• Recipe By c-biskit

Rye Manhattan

One of the great classic cocktails, this one's made the old fashioned way -- with rye whiskey. ...
  • Recipe By voraciousgirl

Autumn Apple Pie Cocktail

All the flavors of fall in a glass! Fireball® whiskey, vanilla vodka, and sparkling apple cider mak ...

Midnight Special

A smooth, delicate cocktail perfect for relaxing. For extra richness, try adding a drop of chocolate ...
  • Recipe By Deb C

Caramel Creme Cocktail

I prefer it over a scoop of vanilla ice cream but my daughter prefers it over ice cubes. You decide ...

Hot Irish Whiskey

My best friend who just happens to be Irish made this drink for me one cold night in Chicago and sin ...


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Based off my mint tea punch recipe, this is a quick and easy way to make an adult pitcher drink that ...