"Cold Soups"

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Chilled Zucchini Soup

Recipe by Anonymous Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
Perfect for the summer and quick to make. If you enjoy gazpacho or any other cold soups, you’ll love this. ...


Recipe by Derek Parker Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
The finest of all cold soups–and the very best thing invented in the USA! This wonderful, smooth soup can be ...

Steak Soup

Recipe by FoodieFamily4 Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This is an extremely hearty soup that only gets better in the fridge! It is one of the only soups ...

Pasta Pearls and Olive Salad

Recipe by madchef Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
Acini di pepe is a small, round, pasta perfect for soups and salads. This salad can be served hot, cold, ...

Creamy Corn Soup

Recipe by Abby Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
This soup is really easy to make, lower in fat than most cream soups, and delicious – especially if you ...