• Recipe By ToniaRenee

Poisoned Apple

This is what my girls and I drink all the time! It can also be easily turned into a punch recipe by ...
  • Recipe By c-biskit

Rye Manhattan

One of the great classic cocktails, this one's made the old fashioned way -- with rye whiskey. ...
  • Recipe By voraciousgirl

Autumn Apple Pie Cocktail

All the flavors of fall in a glass! Fireball® whiskey, vanilla vodka, and sparkling apple cider mak ...
  • Recipe By Sarah-May

Rosy Rhubarb Smoothie

I came up with this smoothie based on suggestions and comments from some of the ladies on the Buzz. ...
  • Recipe By MARTIQ

Delicious O.J. Punch

Orange juice, bourbon and lemon-lime soda are stirred together in this quick, easy, and quite tasty ...
  • Recipe By Anu

Avocado Shake

Avocado is not common in sweet drinks, but it's delicious. Try this shake and you won't regret it. ...
  • Recipe By mrmonkmonks

B-52 Bomber

I used to work as a bartender, and noticed that Christine was looking for a recipe for the B52 Bombe ...

Midnight Special

A smooth, delicate cocktail perfect for relaxing. For extra richness, try adding a drop of chocolate ...