• Recipe By ThnkThn

Grilled Turkey Reubens

A twist on the old favorite for those who don't have Thousand Island on hand. You've never had a ho ...
  • Recipe By Amy Burrows

Fried Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog

An all-beef hot dog wrapped with bacon, then fried...Thanks to my friend DJ who introduced me to thi ...
  • Recipe By PMCHAPMAN

Herbed Pork and Apples

10h 50m
Whenever I make this roast for company they always ask for the recipe. I have also made this with a ...
  • Recipe By Mrs Savage

Braised Lamb Shanks

3h 20m
Succulent braised lamb shanks slow cooked in a red wine, tomato, and fresh basil sauce. Serve with m ...
  • Recipe By Chef John

Chef John’s Braised Lamb Shanks

2h 25m
You don't often see lamb cooked with these spices, but they really work together wonderfully. The fi ...
  • Recipe By blythegreene

Balsamic Skirt Steak

Mouth-watering marinade for skirt steak (works well with pork tenderloin and other cuts of meat). ...

Mom’s Favorite Meatloaf

1h 15m
I don't really like meatloaf at all, but when mom made this one, she really had a hit with the entir ...
  • Recipe By michellew

Sauerkraut a la France

My husband loves this recipe, which I got from my mother in law in the Netherlands. Serve with potat ...