• Recipe By Joyel Hidber

Jeanine’s Decadent Brownies

This brownie recipe is from my mom. I have made many batches of these brownies for my daughter's var ...

Blondies I

Soft, golden cookies packed with white chocolate chips, macadamia nuts, and my secret ingredient, a ...

Peanut Butter Brownies II

These brownies bake up gooey, and are a BIG hit with my family and friends! Has been a family recipe ...

Sand Art Brownies

Mix ingredients in a wide mouth quart size jar, just like sand art that kids make today. ...
  • Recipe By sal

Super Fudge Brownies

This is a dolled up brownie mix that has been made extra moist with the addition of applesauce and c ...

Wonderful Brownies

2h 10m
This is a recipe I found in one of my grandma's recipe books, and she had them titled Wundervulle Sc ...