• Recipe By Chef V

Sunny Poutine

My favorite breakfast turned into a Canadian classic: Poutine! Use your favorite fries and hollanda ...

Hash Brown Sandwich

A yummy breakfast in one dish. Hash browns are combined with eggs, bacon and cheese in a grilled san ...

Zadi’s Potato Bread

2h 30m
This recipe can also be used to make rolls versus whole loaves of bread. Great at any holiday dinner ...

Eggs n’ Fries

I just don't like eating plain eggs, so when I got this recipe from my grandmother it immediately be ...
  • Recipe By Ita

Fried Irish Potato Farls

Potato bread farls are pan fried to make one of the essential components of an Ulster fry. They tast ...

Potato Cake

Potato cakes are great for breakfast. Mashed potato cakes with a cheese surprise in the middle. ...