• Recipe By Lourdes Valdes

Tiramisu Ice Pops

5h 10m
Creamy, cool, and not too sweet. Adapted it from another recipe through trial and error. ...
  • Recipe By Eleanor Johnson

Eggnog Cheesecake I

A simple easy-to-make cheesecake served with a yummy Pecan Caramel Sauce. It's perfect for holiday g ...

Lemon Peach Parfaits

1h 25m
These parfaits not only look amazing, but they are wonderfully cool, sweet and tangy. Sliced peaches ...

Raisin Pudding

1h 35m
This recipe for a pudding featuring brandy-soaked raisins comes from Argentina. ...

Friendship Fruit Starter

This is really two recipes in one - 6 cups of brandied fruit, and 2 cups of starter for the Thirty D ...

Blackberry Fool

I strongly recommend using fresh blackberries in this recipe for best flavor. Raspberries, strawberr ...